About Us

About our company

C & C Warehouse LLC was established in 2011 to help fill the need for LARGE storage space.  We recognize that not everybody has a place to park their boat or RV, or to house materials for their small business…. Our goal is to provide that extra space to you at an affordable cost, all while maintaining security and cleanliness.
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What we Offer

  • C&C Warehouse is conveniently located just off the main highway of SR 231, with truck routes and a large entranceway to allow for easy navigation. 
  • Video monitoring is in place, covering all angles of the property to ensure that your belongings are protected and secure.  The extensive use of cameras allows us to eliminate the hassle of locking and unlocking entrance gates.  You have quick and easy access to your storage space 24 hours a day.
  • Our entire parking lot is very well lit for your safety.

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